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From Germany to New York Fashion Week

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

New York Fashion Week is the most important fashion week of the year and I was very lucky to be there for 3 days this year. It was an incredible experience and I could meet so many great people and designers. In my blog now I'll tell you all about my experiences and what I saw and did at Fashion Week.

I might have to elaborate a bit first though.

When I was asked at my first meeting with my agency, Model Knowledge Group, if I knew a good videographer, I immediately knew I had to ask Paul to come along.

We've worked together a few times before and I'm a huge fan of his work.

He was on fire right away, thank god, and so it was off to the Big Apple for us on September 07.

Not only for Fashion Week, but also for an image video of me and my work that will be finished before Christmas. I am already looking forward to that.

Here we still have to express a big thanks to NIKON (DACH), who sponsored us with cameras and lenses.

We had: Nikon z7, NikonZ7ll , Nikkor 70-200 mm- f2.8 , 24-70mm - f4 and 2.8.

All photos and videos were taken with Nikon cameras.

We spent the first few days sightseeing before it started on Friday with the fitting for the designers and models.

We decided to combine the fitting with a photo shoot, so that the designers could use the pictures as a lookbook afterwards.

You can watch the video of Paul with impressions of the day and the photos of me below:

Credits: Paul Wesselow (Alls rights reserved)

The results of the shooting:

On Saturday, the second day, we were allowed to accompany a promotional campaign.

The models had the mission to distribute goody bags to the people on the street for the brand EKAL Cosmetics, which despite initial skepticism of the New Yorkers then worked out quite well. We had several shoots in the city, each using a red carpet as a catwalk.

How that looked you can see in the video of Paul and my picture gallery:

Credits: Paul Wesselow (Alls rights reserved)

Afterwards, we had an unforgettable dinner with the team from The Model Knowledge Group and the models at Pier 17 on New York Harbor.

When we got there, designer Jason Wo's fashion show was just over and I was able to take a few snapshots of the models.

Here's the video of the brunch. It was a really cool team event!

The food was amazing, but I think everything just tastes twice as good in that ambiance.

Credits: Paul Wesselow (All rights reserved)

The third day of our NYFW adventure was the big fashion show with runway, red carpet and all the designers.

For us it was the first time to be live at such an event.

Pictures say more than words, so here`s the picture spam from the catwalk, the models, the designers and the location.

So that was it, our first job at NYFW. What an experience!

Thanks to everyone involved for this amazing opportunity, the wonderful people and great contacts.

We'll be back next year!

Of course, Paul and I experienced much more outside of Fashion Week.

The story about the trip, a few stories around our stay and BTS I will publish in the next blog to the image video.

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse behind the scenes of Fashion Week and I'll be reading you again!

See you soon




Paul Wesselow


The Model Knowledgegroup

Sponsoring Equipment:



by Me


Evan Hirsch

Jasmine Frazier

Danielle Jené Designs


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